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Specializing in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, real estate and agriculture industries.

At Equipment Marketers and Appraisers (EMA), we conduct auctions live, online and virtually. Our auctions are honest, accurate and created with decades of experience. We strive to keep our technology up-to-date and beyond the standard, creating an accessible environment for all of our customers and clients. Check out our auction page for more information, past auctions and more!


“An appraisal is an
expert opinion of value”.

With a focus on discreteness, our entire process is done professionally and efficiently. The Equipment Marketers and Appraisers appraisal process starts with the initial interview in which the entire appraisal project must be completely understood. Once we have determined the components of the assignment, we will develop the scope of work. For more information, check out our appraisals page for details on how you can begin appraising with EMA.

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Marketers &

Founded from decades of experience, Equipment Marketers & Appraisers conducts auctions to convert assets into cash. Our certified appraisal reports aid banks and finance companies with commercial loan decisions. EMA has customers and clients throughout the entire world.

Affiliations and Certifications

The appraisal reports are certified to the standards of the Equipment Appraisers Association of North America,
the American Society of appraisers, and the Graduate Personal Property Appraisers associations.

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