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The Art of the Auctioneer is used when describing the auctioneer’s talent. The buyer and the seller are intrigued and amazed by the auctioneer's chant. A rapid pace sounds calling for an immediate decision.

The Hilpipre family started its heritage within the auctioneering profession in 1917. The late C. A. (Chuck) Hilpipre was born and raised in Clarion, Iowa. His parents immigrated from France before 1900 with their new life beginning as farmers settled on a farmstead outside of Clarion, Iowa. The young C.A. Hilpipre was intrigued by the chant of the Cattle auctioneer. The years progressed as Chuck grew farming and auctioneering. His career would progress through the Great Depression up to age 89. He would become known within the counties surrounding Clarion, Iowa. He married and had three sons. His youngest son, Merv Hilpipre, was intrigued by the auctioneer’s chant. Merv would accompany his father to the livestock and farm auctions developing his auctioneering passion.

From Past to Present — Equipment Marketers & Appraisals Today

Craig Hilpipre started his auctioneering career in 1965 at age 5. He would work beside his father Merv, at the various auctions. In 1968, the family auction company conducted a six day collection of vintage cars, trucks, tractors and general antiques. During this auction Craig sold a replica of Lindbergh‘s engine which flew across the Atlantic ocean, an original Duesenberg car engine and several other desirable collectibles. Craig‘s reputation grew and many clients would ask Merv to bring Craig to the auction. Craig conducted his first auction without the assistance of his father while he was in 9th grade. This was a commercial laundromat in Oelwein, Iowa.

During 1970’s Craig’s teenage years were spent buying and selling equipment, auctioneering, and appraising, and upsetting air compressors and drill presses. After completing high school, he spent 10 days at the family farm in northern Minnesota and has been a full-time self-supporting auctioneer and appraiser ever since. In addition to auctioneering and conducting appraisals, Craig became involved with the AMEA (the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers). The MDNA awarded Craig with the Darrel McEwan leadership award. Craig was the first auctioneer member to be awarded this recognition. Additional Board of Director experiences were amongst original board members for the Industrial Auctioneers Association; 3 term President for the Equipment Appraisers of North America. In 1984, Craig married his wife Lori, and they remain married today with two children and two grandchildren.

Working with Us — Our Approach

Now, Equipment Marketers & Appraisers has developed to be strictly focused on auctioneering and appraising. We focus on machinery and equipment within the manufacturing, construction, agricultural, transportation, processing, and real estate. Our appraisal and auction procedures are organized and detailed to deliver you honest, professional service. We use live auction, online, and live virtual auctions techniques to ensure an efficient, streamlined way for people to connect with us.

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