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The Equipment Marketers and Appraisers (EMA) appraisal process has been built with not only a lifetime of experience and has been updated to current industry standards, but it has also created a secure trust with each client— knowing that their appraisal is in safe hands. We visit many if not all of our clients to compile the information we need to appraise them of the top value of their item. Each appraisal is done with fine attention to detail

Appraisal reports certified by Equipment Marketers and Appraisers adhere to the USPAP standards, requirements set forth by the Equipment Appraisers of North America, Graduate Personal Property Appraisers and the American Society of Appraisers. These standards require the appraiser to be impartial, unbiased and act as a third-party. The certifying of value reflects our best effort to understand the marketplace and complete the necessary research.

Past Appraisals

EMA has experience within the manufacturing, construction, agriculture, transportation industries when it comes to appraisals. We have and continue to follow the patterns of economic growth and decline as it affects these industries throughout the year. Our knowledge, accreditations and relationships with past clients have been what has kept us in business for all these years.

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