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EMA has experience within the manufacturing, construction, agriculture, transportation industries when it comes to appraisals. We have and continue to follow the patterns of economic growth and decline as it affects these industries throughout the year. Our knowledge, accreditations and relationships with past clients have been what has kept us in business for all these years.

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Auctioneers for the manufacturing, construction, transportation, real estate and agriculture industries.

Equipment Marketers & Appraiser's (EMA) operates throughout the United States— working to bring a seamless process to all clients. Our services are requested by financial institutions, courts of law, private enterprise, and private individuals. Successful auctions selling manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, transportation equipment, agricultural equipment, processing equipment and real estate.

Auctions by Equipment Marketers & Appraisers’ are seamlessly integrated to work virtually with your convenience in mind. With decades of experience, EMA is equipped to handle auctions big and small. Your auction, your money, your time— we work for your recommendation!

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