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Experience isn’t something you can buy and it doesn’t come from a test you can pass

Experience is a quality that builds over time, over getting your hands into the work, over serving hundreds of clients and seeing thousands of pieces of equipment, over living through the days, years, and decades of the business.

When it comes to doctors, experience can mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to finances, experience can mean the difference between wealth and poverty.

And when it comes to equipment appraisals and auctions, experience is what sets EMA apart from the rest.

heavy machinery auction

EMA got its start in the auctioning world over a century ago in 1917, and since then we have kept our heads and our hands in the industry, growing our experience in both auctioning and the large equipment business.

farming equipment auction

Because of this experience, our clients can count on

Few people would say experience has no value. And those who have worked with EMA know firsthand that experience is what sets us apart from the rest.